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bday gift ideas

Asher birthday
hand-painted peg dolls of 9 Fellowship characters?
earth bender costume

Lucas birthday
soundtrack from LOTR
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We Found a Dog

My children found a dog. It followed them home. I've said more about this elsewhere on Facebook and Flickr and here: http://loveinthesuburbs.com/wordpress/celebrating-the-winter-solstice. He has no collar and no chip. What I haven't said is how much fear I have about this cuddly little fellow. He is charming the dickens out of my whole family. And me too. But I'm afraid that we won't find his owners. I'm afraid that he will stay. I KNOW that he will not be left at the shelter by us. That's pretty much out of the question. I'm afraid that I am and will be allergic to him forever. That I will always feel sick around him. That if I say no, my family will be heartbroken.

I'm placing a found ad in Sac Bee.
I have an email in to the county animal shelter.
I've put a found ad at PetHarbor.com, which is what the local animal shelter website suggested.
We've put out flyers, with a photo, in the neighborhood.
We've talked to dog-owner neighbors to ask if they recognize him. We even thought for a sec today we might have a proper lead, but no. All three of them walked away thrilled that the dog wasn't theirs.

Tomorrow we go to the local groomers and maybe a couple more vet hospitals. And we go to buy more dog food.

I am also afraid we WILL find his owners and that I will have very sad boys and husband.

Dad's Eyes

My father is currently, like right this moment, having plastic surgery done on his eyes—or more specifically, his muscles and eyelids. I think the surgeons are altering the muscles that control his eyelids to lift the skin around his eyes higher so that he has a greater range of vision. As he has aged, the skin has actually begun to interfere and he can't get a big enough aperture to admit light so that he can see well. (My uncle recently had the exact same procedure done and it has helped him a lot. I think I can foresee my future ...)

I think it's wacky that my dad is having this procedure done. I also think that it's RAD that they can do a little outpatient surgery that will improve his vision immensely.

If you can spare a thought, please think a positive one for my daddy, especially for rapid healing and a successful correction of the problem.



Posting from new phone, which doesn't want me to sign into gmail. Baby steps ...

Could I?

Could I spend $175 on myself for oil painting lessons?
Dreaming out loud again ...

Random and Busy and Weird

I'm thinking about canceling our home phone (land line) to save $50 per month. This prospect worries me a bit because I like the idea that my kid could call 911 if I had a stroke or something. This, folks, is called "free-floating anxiety."

I am thinking about showing up for the Fleet Feet 10k training that starts tonight. I doubt I will because I have fear.

I have this sensation that I'm late. I can't shake it. It's a dread and an anxiety, like I'm barely treading water and not where I'm supposed to be. Like I'm not doing well enough. Like I'm not making it. I am trying to simply observe this and not read a lot of meaning into it because if I do I'll probably make myself feel worse. I'm just looking at it from over here, observing my mental hamster running on my mental wheel. Get off the wheel, jackass.

I want to come back to these things, when I have more time:

I want to learn how to make my own yogurt, and I want to learn more about propagating cana lilies.

I want to make these (http://www.prudentbaby.com/2011/04/how-to-make-beautiful-dress-up-wings.html) for Asher, and a bigger pair for myself. This is a longshot.

And this is rad: http://theforestroom.blogspot.com/2011/04/lets-make-handpainted-window-star.html#comment-form

And this too, but I think I could improve on this: http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2010/03/woven-tree-wall-hanging.html

I don't get it. Such a mix of joyful stretching and striving and fun and negative self-talk.

Hard to Decide

Having a terrible time deciding what to do next. This is not usually an issue for me. I woke up VERY early today (4:13 when Asher came in for snuggles and his naked freezing body was a shock, then my stupid brain started thinking ... and criticizing me ... so I just got up).

I am falling asleep now.

I Should be editing a chapter
I should clean my office
record my expenses
at least go for a walk to wake myself back up again and get some exercise.
I should get in my car and do one of the many errands I need to do
go visit my Ro.

I think this is fuzzy thinking. The Shoulds get me every time. 

I’m still figuring out the ballot measures, but I thought this voters’ guide from the Unitarian Universalist Society was interesting.

Whatever you vote, VOTE.





UULM Action Network on November Ballot Measures

Where do we stand on the 9 propositions on the November 2 ballot?

Absentee ballots are out, so it's good to start studying!


• Proposition 19 would allow legalization and local taxation and regulation of limited amounts

of marijuana. It would save millions of dollars in police and law enforcement costs, and the

expense of keeping numerous non-violent offenders in prison, in racially disproportionate

ratios. This proposition could also eliminate 70% of the funds of Mexican drug cartels. Our

UUA 2002 Statement of Conscience endorses legalization of marijuana in the belief that

prohibition does not work.

Proposition 21 raises the vehicle license fee $18 per car to fund the repairs our state parks

need, and provide the financial support needed for maintenance and ranger salaries, removing

the state parks from the annual budget battles and potential cuts.

Proposition 24 would close multi-state corporate tax loopholes opened by last year's budget

compromise. These loopholes do not create jobs in California, and the state very much needs

this revenue.

• Proposition 25 Simple Majority Vote on Budget, provides systemic change in favor of a

majority vote in the Legislature to pass a state budget, as is done in 47 other states. A super

majority gives unequal weight to no votes, creating a minority veto and resulting log-jams.

This proposition would enable California to pass a state budget on the basis of a legislative



• Proposition 23: This proposition to suspend the clean energy and air pollution regulations of

AB 32 until unemployment is 5.5 % is a scam by Texas oil companies to gut our state's model

environmental laws addressing climate change. We respect the interdependent web of all

existence of which we are a part.

• Proposition 26: This law would mandate a super–majority 2/3rds vote of the Legislature for

fines, levies, or fees. This is contrary to democratic simple majority rule. It would also create

an artificially high hurdle to creating fines for polluters, unsafe medical devices, etc. This

proposition threatens our environment and our use of democratic processes.

Proposition 27: This constitutional amendment would abolish the new Citizens Commission

for Redistricting and would create districts with equal populations. Our board is concerned

about gerry-mandered districts that aren't competitive. We would like to give the redistricting

commission a chance to work.


Proposition 20: This constitutional amendment would extend the redistricting Commission's powers enabling it

to draw lines for federal congressional districts in CA as well as the state senate and assembly districts. This

measure would also define “communities of interest” as similar economic and social groups for purposes of

redistricting. Some supported the Citizen's Commission's extension of power, others were concerned it was

unrepresentative and shouldn't redistrict on the basis of social class.

Proposition 22: This law, proposed by the League of CA cities, would prevent the state government from

using transportation and redevelopment money allocated to the cities. However it would not protect money for

education and health services, making it more likely cuts would be in these important areas.

Please vote on Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Brothers on the First Day of School

First day of school last year, when Lucas entered second grade and Asher was 2 and a half. Posted just for my own desire to see how much they've grown.


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