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Contemplation & Conjecture

SarabellaE's Navel-Gazing

SarabellaE, Agent SweetTart
22 May 1972
I'm here. And over here: http://www.loveinthesuburbs.com.

Do you know me?
I'm your hot, neurotic, mom-next-door professional.
They call me a WAHM (work-at-home mom). I'm striving for a creative, soulful life and balance.

I'm married to an amazing, giving, talented, kind, empathic, seductive, charming, sexy, goofy, patient, and gorgeous man named Ian, who should have been my high school sweetheart but I had to grow up a little bit first. We have been married 16 years now. And you know, my marriage rocks. It's crazy good luck that I have: my man moves me. He makes the sun rise every day. He's a warm, patient, involved father. I CHOSE WISELY.

What else should you know about me? I'm loyal and brave and honest, so be warned.

I keep a journal about my 9-year-old son, Lucas, and my 4-year old son, Asher, and the events in our lives. I write a lot about kid/baby stuff because I am fascinated with and often bewildered by the rearing of these two little people. I often give journaling about my children a higher priority than the stuff in my own life (the life that is Sara's and not Mama's). It's often very, very hard to separate the two. But this journal is a place where both topics can coexist.

So, anyway, if you read this journal or my website at http://www.loveinthesuburbs.com, you may read a lot of posts about a fierce boy with brownish curls, stormy gray-blue eyes, a mercurial disposition, and an early-life identity crisis centered on the questions of whether he's now a big boy or still little, an angel or an imp. You'll also find posts about a sunny Kindergartner with blond hair and gray-blue eyes who's easy as a Sunday morning, who's opinionated, stubborn, open, bright, and deeply in love with all things milky and meaty and just about every single thing his older brother does, and about the honorable man who feeds, energizes, protects, and loves us. Every. Single. Day.